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Filing a complaint

The College of Licensed Counselling Therapists of New Brunswick (CCTNB) is the public-interest regulator for Licensed Counselling Therapists (LCTs) and Licensed Counselling Therapist Candidates (LCT-Cs) in the province of New Brunswick. CCTNB registers and licenses counselling therapists, and is mandated by the Licensed Counselling Therapy Act and By-Laws to accept, investigate, and adjudicate complaints brought forward against a registrant of the College by:

• A client
• A fellow registrant
• Another health professional
• Any member of the public
• An organization or employer
• The Executive Director/Registrar of the College

A COMPLAINT is an expression of concern about the conduct or actions of a Licensed Counselling
Therapist (LCT) or a Licensed Counselling Therapist-Candidate (LCT-C) related to the care provided or
other aspects of the professional counselling relationship. Complaints often allege that the Counselling
Therapist did not meet the standards expected by the College, other members of the profession or the
The Complaints Committee reviews complaints about:

• Professional Misconduct
• Incapacity
• Incompetence
• Conduct Unbecoming the Profession


Note: It is not your responsibility to determine which category your complaint falls under. This will be done by the registrar and/or the Chair of the Complaints Committee.

Our Services

Our Limitations

  • We can only process complaints about individuals who are registered with our college, or claim to be a licensed counselling therapist in New Brunswick

  • We cannot process anonymous complaints

  • We cannot process complaints without notifying the Member(s) about the complaint


  • Any questions regarding the use of complaints information should be directed to the CCTNB registrar

  • All correspondence from the CCTNB registrar will be sent to the contact information you provided

  • The Member of concern will be notified of the complaint 

Before You File

  • Ensure that you have submitted the full name(s) of the Member(s) involved in the complaint

  • Identify their membership number(s) through our Member directory

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